Welcome to the newly revamped JB Automated website. JB Automated has been one of the leading professional web development companies in the northwest for over 7 years now.  In addition to the high quality sites and service we have always offered, we are now proud to be able to offer a wide selection of new and exciting products.

JB Automated is a privately owned company that started out early in 2007. Initially in 2006, I was just helping a friend who wanted a website. He came to me when he went to have a site built for his new business and stopped when he found he would be charged $500-$1000 for a site.  As I have always been a "computer guy" he asked me what his options were. After looking around I found that I could put together a basic site for him at very little cost using an online site builder program. It worked, he was happy, and it did not cost him an arm and a leg to get started.

I found that I enjoyed making his website, but I did not like all of the restrictions that are associated with a site builder. Themes are great and all for a low cost alternative, but I wanted to be able to customize it for him. One thing led to another, I took a few HTML and CSS classes before I knew it, I was able to pretty much do anything he wanted.

Now here we are more than 7 years and many many websites later and I have always kept the fact that I am dealing with real people in mind. JB Automated now offers  some of the highest quality and best priced websites in the industry. I feel that each customer relationship is unique and for that reason, I take the time to really get to know what it is that my customers want and need. Every customer no matter how big or small will receive the same attention and dedication I give to even my largest customers.

With that being said, I would once again like to thank you for stopping by and let you know that I look forward to working with each and every one of you.

Julian Boling
JB Automated