One question everyone should ask themselves before setting out to have someone make them a site is "Do I really need a website?" and "Am I ready to do my part when creating my website?". Making website's is my business, but over the years I have learned sometimes I just have to decline in order to save everyone time and money. I do not want to just take your money. No matter who you go thru for a site, some work will be required on the customers part. Web designers simply put design websites. We are not always versed in whatever field or business type it is that you are wanting. This makes it very difficult to create Content for a site (content being the words and pictures).

For example, I am not an electrician. If you are and want a site, you will have to sit down at some point and write up the text that goes on your website to your customers. I could investigate and learn some electrician lingo, but that would still not qualify me to write up anything informative for your customers that would intelligently list services or experience on your site that would let your customers know what you do and why you are the best choice.

Another thing to ask yourself is "Why do I want a website?" Websites are great. I do believe that most businesses should have one if at all possible, however, a website on its own is hard to have seen unless you put forth time and money. Paying for a website and not putting forth the investment of promoting it would be like buying a sports car without an engine. You can know that it is in your garage, you can even tell your fiends about it, but the chances of people you do not already know finding out about it are slim to none. The internet is a vast place and with rare exception no matter what field your business is in, there are thousands of other businesses offering the same service or product. Being found on the first couple pages of a google search is no small feat. It takes an investment of time and money.

So I would encourage anyone to seriously take some time to decide if you are ready to have a website. You will find many people out there that are ready to take your money to make a website, but unless you commit some of your time to it, they will not be able to produce anything useful for you.

After deciding you are ready for a website, some services we offer are below. Thanks for visiting our website.
  • Website Design
  • WordPress Sites
  • CSS/CSS3
  • SEO
  • Google integration
  • Email marketing